Sunday, May 29, 2016


Let the world of federal taxes into perspective, the simple way you can understand.

Visualize a three-branched tree. Congress, the legislative branch of the federal government, makes tax law. The executive branch, which the includes the Treasury Department administers the tax law through the IRS. The Judicial branch comprises all the federal courts, which interprets the tax law and overrules the IRS when it goes beyond the law.

The Power to tax incomes was granted by the 16th Amendment to the US constitution; The first Income Tax Act was passed in 1913. Contrary to what fringe groups and con artists would like you to believe, income tax law and the IRS are legal and not going away.
Tax laws begins with the INTERNAL REVENUE CODE. Congress enacts and revises the tax code. The president signs it (usually), and it becomes law. The Tax Code is over 6000 pages.
The IRS is a division of the Treasury Department. It is headed up by the commissioner of Internal Revenue, a presidential appointee. The IRS tax administration policy is set in Washington, but it is doubtful you will ever deal with anyone there.
The United States Tax Court is an arm of the federal court system systems that decides disputes between the IRS and taxpayers. It is pretty easy to go to tax court in most cases, even without an attorney. Tax disputes are also decided in U.S District Courts and the Federal Court of Claims, but these require payment of the disputed tax first, unlike in TAX COURTS. All decisions in those courts, for or against you, may be reviewed by higher courts.
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