Sunday, February 8, 2015

IRS AUDIT TAX PROBLEMS? GO TO TAX COURT! (Advance Tax Relief LLC (800)790-8574)

You are not required to go through the IRS Appeals Process before going to court. If you don't appeal - or do but aren't happy with the way it comes out- you can go to one of three courts:
United States Tax Court
United States District Court
Court of Federal Claims

Thomas G. Fisher was appointed Judge of the Indiana Tax Court on July 1, 1986, by Governor Robert D. Orr and retired January 16, 2011.

Almost everyone chooses Tax Court, for two good reasons: First, the District Court(DC) and Claims Court(CC) require you to first pay the tax and then sue for a refund.
Second, few people succeed in the (DC) & (CC) without a lawyer.
Tax Court, on the hand, allows you to contest an audit for a filing fee of $60 and offers a reasonable chance of success without a lawyer. However, we advise you contact the tax lawyers at Advance Tax Relief LLC!

Hope you find this information helpful?

"My husband lost his job and the IRS was garnishing my wages. I called advance tax relief for help, my wage garnishment was released and we settled with the IRS for $1,200 on a $48k debt. Our family is very grateful" - Shirley W, Tampa FL. 

"I will recommend your service to anybody that I know will need tax help, thanks to the staff at Advance Tax Relief for helping me abate my tax penalties and resolve my IRS audit". Ivan Garcia, Houston, TX

"I was almost obligated to pay $35,641 as a result of Identity Theft tax fraud. Advance Tax Relief gave me my life back, Thank you guys so much" - Scott Cody, CA.   

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