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Fighting IRS Wage Garnishments: When you owe money to the IRS, they will take aggressive action to force you to pay in full. If you have delayed filing your tax return(s) or have an outstanding balance from a previous return, you are in danger of an IRS wage garnishment. If you are unable to pay your tax obligation in full to avoid a federal wage garnishment, you need help now to negotiate with the IRS. Advance Tax Relief LLC will take control of your liability and expedite it to resolution. We are experts in fighting an IRS wage garnishment.

What is an IRS Wage Garnishment?
Wage garnishment is a judgment against you requiring your employer to legally withhold money from your wages for tax debt payment. This is an effective process used by the IRS to enforce taxpayer compliance. A garnishment is embarrassing and can cost you 30% to 70% of your paycheck – sobering and frightening facts.Before the IRS can attach a wage garnishment, the following criteria must be met:

• The tax must be assessed and a notice sent to taxpayer
• The taxpayer must refuse to acknowledge or pay the outstanding balance
• The taxpayer must receive a “Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing” – sent 30 days prior to the garnishment taking effect

Once the IRS completes these actions, you will be facing a federal wage garnishment. You do not have to actually receive the notice for it to be legal. The IRS is required only to send it via certified mail to your last known address. Many taxpayers may not be aware they are going to be garnished until it actually happens.

Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Wage Garnishment

Advance Tax Relief LLC has successfully represented countless victims of IRS wage garnishments. Most taxpayers are financially unable to avoid wage garnishments. You need Advance Tax to stop federal wage garnishment, and to negotiate with the IRS for alternative solutions and to protect you from escalating fines and penalties and, perhaps, loss of assets.

IRS Wage Garnishment Attorneys

Once you receive your wage garnishment information, it is imperative you contact Advance Tax. You must be prepared to provide all your financial records and past tax information. If you do not have this information, we will get it for you. After reviewing your financial situation, Advance Tax and IRS wage garnishment professionals will determine your eligibility for an alternative agreement with the IRS.

Know Your Rights

Advance Tax Relief will contact the IRS on your behalf to discuss your options in person. Using our tax law knowledge and experience with the IRS, Advance Tax can delay the IRS wage garnishment proceedings. You will be protected from excessive amounts being drawn from your paycheck, and spared the embarrassment of having your employer gain knowledge of your tax predicament.
If necessary, we will file an appeal if any of the following has occurred:

• You have paid your overdue taxes prior to the garnishment taking effect
• You are filing for bankruptcy during the assessment and notice period
• An IRS error has occurred
• The Statute of Limitations has expired
• You did not have the chance to dispute supposed liability
• You request a chance to discuss options relating to collection action
• You want to defend your spouse

Once your appeals hearing is concluded, we will be notified of the status within 30 days. We will fully explain your rights helping you understand your options.

IRS Wage Garnishment

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"My husband lost his job and the IRS was garnishing my wages. I called advance tax relief for help, my wage garnishment was released and we settled with the IRS for $1,200 on a $48k debt. Our family is very grateful" - Shirley W, Tampa FL.

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