Tuesday, June 24, 2014


IRS penalties and interest increase your tax debt every day, just like a credit card. Take back control today!

When you accrue a tax debt, the IRS will begin to add both penalties and interest to the principal. The IRS penalties and interest are compounded at alarming rates, just like high interest credit cards, and can quickly double, triple, even quadruple your tax debt. If left unpaid, the IRS debt will simply grow and grow until the options are suffocating.

Facts about IRS Penalties:

IRS penalties & interest are the majority of most tax liabilities.
The IRS interest rate is the federal lending rate plus 3%.
Penalties are up to 5% a month, and grow continually until repaid
Combined, IRS penalties & interest can dwarf most credit card rates
Clients tell us all the time that they ignored the IRS notices of tax debt for a year or two, and by then the debt had grown so out of control that they gave up and ignored the issue. You can help avoid unnecessary tax penalties and interest being charged to your tax debt by taking control of your obligations and making your tax debt issue a priority.

Save money with a qualified IRS penalty abatement.

You don’t have to keep paying high IRS interest and penalties on your tax debt and worry about the threat of forced collections. There is another way. When you hire Advance Tax Relief LLC to represent your tax relief issue, we can approach the taxing authorities and request an abatement on penalties and associated interest.
This means spiraling IRS penalties and interest are controlled and the threat of forced collections is quelled. However, the terms for a successful penalty abatement are very specific.

More so than any other, this program involves a great deal of skill to successfully navigate the IRS protocol and bring resolution. If applied for correctly and effectively, results are substantial; savings are usually in the thousands of dollars for the average taxpayer. Our staff of tax professionals has years of experience preparing penalty abatements, and can help stop the penalties and interest from accumulating.

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