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A North Carolina couple was sentenced to prison for filing more than 1,000 false tax returns and collecting more than $3.5 million in fraudulent tax refunds. 

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Senita Birt Dill, 46, and Ronald Jeremy Knowles, 42, both of Mill Spring, N.C., were sentenced to 324 and 70 months in prison, respectively. In addition to the prison terms, they were ordered to serve three years under court supervision and to pay $3,978,211 in restitution to IRS. Dill and Knowles pleaded guilty to false claims conspiracy and access device fraud. Dill also pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft.

According to court records, from 2009 to 2012, Dill and Knowles used fraudulently obtained personal identification information, including names, dates of birth and Social
Security numbers, to file false tax returns claiming refunds. Court documents indicate that the pair used tax preparation software programs to file and submit these fraudulent federal and state tax returns.

The tax returns contained fictitious information, such as the filer’s income and the amount of federal tax withheld. Court records show that the couple were careful to use fictitious figures that maximized the amount of the claimed refund while minimizing risk of detection.

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