Tuesday, April 13, 2021


There are several costs that are tied to business operations that you can deduct:

Write-offs for Business Operation Costs

Employee Pay

Retirement Savings Plans

Insurance — Most businesses have general liability, property, and workers’ compensation insurance, but this can include any insurance necessary for your business, trade, or profession.

Interest Expenses

Certain Taxes — Federal, state, local, and foreign taxes paid as part of business operations.



Business use of your home (mortgage insurance, interest, utilities, repairs, and depreciation)


Professional fees

Pension and profit-sharing plans

Business use of your car (depreciation or lease payments, gas and oil, tires, repairs, tune-ups, insurance, and registration fees)

Legal fees

Professional development and training fees

Tools and software


Travel ( necessary expenses such as transportation, baggage shipping, meals, lodging, etc.)

If you’re planning on claiming small business tax write-offs, make sure that you have the necessary documentation to back it up.


Not every expense is fully deductible, but you may be able to deduct other expenses partially. For example:

Only up to $25 can be deducted for gifts per client or customer

Up to 50% of the cost of meals and entertainment can be deducted

Luxury water transportation can be deducted up to twice the highest federal per diem rate

Restrictions and Exceptions

Personal expenses cannot be deducted as business expenses, but in some cases, if you use something both personally and for your business, you may be able to write off a portion of the cost. The IRS also has strict guidelines on which business expenses and how much of each cost, you can write off. Keep in mind; you are not able to deduct expenses that are considered “lavish or extravagant.”


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