Monday, April 3, 2017


Our clients have different backgrounds, different life experiences, and varying levels of education.

They have all found themselves – unintentionally – with IRS problems.

And they all are good people.

The reasons my clients are caught in the cross-hairs of the IRS is from life itself – divorce, addictions, business failures, money management, sometimes even the death of a loved one. Some of our clients amaze us at the skills they have in their trade, but – through no fault of their own – have problems with the IRS and their taxes.

If you have IRS problems, I am willing to bet that you are not a bad person, or dishonest.  If you were, than you probably would not bother to even be reading this.  You want to make your life better, and move on from worrying if your bank accounts will be levied, or living without any bank accounts at all.

Your problems have solutions – some are quick, some take longer than others and require more patience.  It may be a weight to carry, but you are not dishonest for making mistakes to the IRS and with your taxes.  You are only human.

"According to IRS I owed IRS over $82k, Advance Tax Relief was very helpful and gave me the sense of relief that I will get pass this and I did. We Settled fo
r $2500" - J Morris

We are tax relief experts specializing in IRS back tax help, Installment Agreements, tax lien help, wage garnishment release, IRS Offer in Compromises and a whole lot more. Get a free consultation from an experienced tax relief expert today (800)790-8574 or visit

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