Monday, January 23, 2017


Don’t rely on logic: IRS decisions are not always made from common sense, or logic. Your way of thinking about a solution to a problem – options that would be successful in the private sector – do not apply to solving IRS problems.


The IRS process is primarily governed by their own internal rules and regulations.  This guidebook is called the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM). The IRM contains chapter after chapter, page after page, of IRS procedures on handling most every conceivable situation – from audits to collections, and from levies and seizures to tax court litigation.

Clearly, negotiating with the IRS is unlike other negotiations.  A unique set of rules (Internal Revenue Manual), practically unequalled power, and IRS employees with no financial risk in the outcome.  Knowing and applying the rules of engagement, understanding the mindset of the other side – the IRS side and recognizing how to work within the IRS’s power structure is key to success.
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