Friday, October 28, 2016


1. Offer in Compromise:
A program where you can settle your tax debts for less than what you owe. Requires making a lump sum or short term payment plan to pay off the IRS at a reduced dollar amount.If you owe the IRS more than you can afford to pay, this could be the plan for you. Essentially, an Offer in Compromise gives you the opportunity to pay a small amount as a full and final payment. If you qualify for the Offer in Compromise program, you can save thousands of dollars in taxes, penalties and interest.

2. Not currently collectible:
A program where the IRS voluntarily agrees not to collect on the tax debt for a period of time. Currently Not Collectible means that a taxpayer has no ability to pay his or her tax debts. The IRS can declare a taxpayer “currently not collectible,” after the IRS receives evidence that a taxpayer has no ability to pay. This is a useful tool because you can file for an appeal to stop an IRS levy, lien, seizure or the denial or termination of an installment agreement. The IRS appeal gives you the opportunity to explain how you think the situation could be solved without the IRS levy or seizure.

3. Innocent Spouse Relief.
If you happen to inherit your spouse’s IRS tax problems, you have an escape route. If you can prove that your circumstances fit within the IRS guidelines for innocent spouse tax relief, you may not be subject to the taxes caused by your spouse or ex-spouse.

Some Recent Settlements : 

1. Mr. Dillard - CA  Owed $6884, IRS settled for $400
2. Mr. Batiste - LA  Owed $18513, IRS settled for $2972
3. Mr. Johnson - CA Owed $21,378, IRS settled for $4500
4. Ms. Gonzalez - TX Owed $28,816, IRS settled for $1700
5. Mr.  Anthony  -   NY Owed $14,000, IRS settled for $900
6. Mr.  Wilkes -   CA  Owed 32,211, IRS settled for  $1250

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