Tuesday, June 14, 2016


You are not required to go through the IRS Appeals Process before going to court. If you don't appeal or do but are not happy with the outcomes, you can go to one of three courts:
1. United States Tax Court
2. United States District Court
3. Court of Federal Claims.
Almost everyone chooses Tax Court, for two good reasons:
1. The District and Claims Court require you to pay the tax first and then sue for a refund.
2. Fewer people succeed in District and Claims Court.
Tax court on the other hand allows you to contest an audit for a small filing fee and offers a more reasonable chance of success.

The chances of at least a partial victory is pretty good: Over half of those filing in Tax Court either settle with the IRS Lawyer before trial or get some reduction in court. For instance, the judge may uphold the IRS on a tax adjustment, but knock off all the penalties.
In cases under $50,000, about 47% of taxpayers win at least partial victories over the IRS Auditor. In Larger cases, 60% of taxpayers come out ahead. However, less than 10% win a total victory in Tax Court.
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